Re: [Evolution] Errors receiving mail via POP

On Tue, 2014-09-02 at 05:01 -0600, Bart wrote:
  Why do people still use POP, when IMAP is a more
complete solution and things like offline-imap and fetchmail exist
those who work in an offline environment?

They use POP because they do not want their mail residing on someone
else's computer.

So download it to your own computer using fetchmail or offline IMAP mode
(or just dragging it between folders). IMAP doesn't force you to leave
it on a server. There is no feature of POP which IMAP does not also

I know it passes through other systems, but I have some messages that
reside for long periods of time in various email folders for various
reasons.  And, I feel a lot more secure doing so.

If I lose my phone, or my iPad, or my laptop, I don't need to worry
about my email accounts.

If you lose a device and the device is not properly secured then your
account is at risk whether it's IMAP or POP. Clearly in the IMAP case
you are also trusting the server admin to take proper care of your
stored mail, but you don't have to leave it there if you don't want to
(see above).


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