Re: [Evolution] Evolution performance

On Mon, 2014-05-26 at 10:28 -0400, Reid Vail wrote:
I have a performance question:

My wife is running ubuntu 13.04 with Evolution 3.6.4 and it seems to
me that it takes a long time to load; about 30 seconds from start to

She does have quite a lot of data.  Using the Evolution backup tool
the compressed file is about 1gig.  Her machine is not stellar but
should be sufficient.  She has a standard 7200-rpm drive and a AMD
Athlon II X3 processor.  When I watch on the system monitor the CPU
isn't working that hard, memory is fine, but the HD light is on solid
until software and data load.

Does this seem right?

No! :S

I prefer using Arch Linux and a wild mix of Debian stable, testing and

I have got several *buntu installs on my machine, because I welcome the
effort the Ubuntu Studio developers do, even while I disagree very often
with their choices. However, I experienced Evolution for several *buntu
installs as unusable.


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