[Evolution] Empty e-mail. how to get rid of them?


I my "Unmatched" search folder I have quite a few empty e-mails. They do
do not show with anything but a question mark in the 'Date' column. When
I try to open them I get "Unable to retrieve message. Cannot get message
with message ID 222255: No such message available". How can I get rid of
these messages? 

It also says I have 47 unread messages in the "Unmatched folder", but
when I try to make all read focus just jumps to the next folder down
containing new mail and none of the 47 are marked unread and I can not
find the unread mails by scrolling down. I have two IMAP account in
addition to Gmail in Evolution. Otherwise the three accounts are working

What could be causing this and how can I fix it?

I'm running Evolution 3.10.4 on Ubuntu GNOME 14.04


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