Re: [Evolution] Setup bogofilter or spamassassin

On Mon, 2014-05-05 at 20:34 +0200, Nicol Hermann wrote:
Hello Ralf,

thanks for your mail.
I checked the settings dialog but do not have such an option. Stange.
Is it probably language depended? I am using a German language settings.

I have the same situation; I'm using Ubuntu GNOME 14.04, which is
standard GNOME, not Unity etc., and provides Evolution 3.10.4.

However, my Mail Preferences "Junk" tab does not have a section for
Bogofilter options, or any kind of selector for choosing different junk
filtering software.

Is there some kind of build option for Evolution that might disable
support for Bogofilter?  Or some runtime option I need to select, or
package that I might need to install, before I can see it (I do have
bogofilter itself installed).

How does Evolution decide what junk filtering options to show in that
preferences dialog?

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