Re: [Evolution] Constant Error Popups

First, what version of Evolution are you using - it always helps to know

Everything works perfectly, except I keep getting error messages in the
big red banner.

There are several different errors that come and go throughout the day.

What sort of errors?  (My bet is something along the lines of timeouts
connecting to yahoo?)

Is there any way to just turn the error popups off?

I realize the correct approach would be to address what is causing the
errors, but like I said, everything is working fine, so really, I just
want the popups to stop.

It's difficult because some of the errors may be important - it's not
really possible for Evo to decide which need to be seen and which don't.
For instance, like you, I really don't care that there is a timeout
connecting to gmail or yahoo, but I really, really care if there is a
timeout to one of my work systems.


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