Re: [Evolution] Request advice on how to work around total failure of Evolution

The question is what version of Gnome comes with 14.04.  Typically
Ubuntu will use the "just released" version of Gnome, which for
14.04 means the version of Gnome due to be released next week:

Not as far as I know. Ubuntu has not been shipping the latest GNOME
version for a while now, but a six months older GNOME version.

14.4 is planned for April
It looks as if they are going with 3.10.4

Yeah, the list of Evo versions versus Ubuntu versions is here:
"Trusty" is the code name for the upcoming Ubuntu 14.04, and at current
it has Evo 3.10.4. But Gnome 3.12 looks like it's due to be released in
6 days, on 26 March:

So in April when Ubuntu 14.04 is released, it'll probably have Evo 3.10,
when Evo 3.12 will be the latest stable version.

But, as Andre points out, if we look at Gnome as a whole, Ubuntu also
seems to be lagging, e.g. using gnome-shell as an example:
That will also ship with gnome-shell 3.10.

In fact, comparing the Evo package versions to gnome-shell package
versions, it looks like Ubuntu 12.04 held Evo back a version compared to
Gnome, but from Ubuntu 12.10 onwards it was Gnome as a whole that was
held back a version, rather than Evo.

-- All the best,

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