Re: [Evolution] disabling junk plugin

Using the manual Junk button without having a junk processor installed
is somewhat unusual. You might consider marking messages for later
followup (Shift-Ctrl-G) or using labels.

what I like about Ctrl-J is that messages are immediately refiled into

What do you do with them once they are labelled as junk?

 I don't see a way to do that with Shift-Ctrl-G, and with labels
I'd need to apply a label (is there a shortcut for that?) and then apply
filters with Ctrl-Y to refile.

Does it seem unreasonable to have a "none" option for

Yes, essentially.

The junk filter is basically a way of automatically tagging a message as
possibly being unwanted.  Pressing the junk button manually tags that
message *so that the automated junk filter can then learn what is and is
not junk*.  As such having a "none" option is fairly pointless, since
the junk button then has no purpose other than making the message

Just do what everyone else - press the delete button if it's spam.

You should also be aware that junk/no-junk is a tag on a message and the
junk folder is a virtual folder.  A message that is tagged as junk
doesn't move anywhere, it is just hidden from view in your inbox and
displayed in the virtual junk folder instead.


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