Re: [Evolution] Opening links in an email without a mouse?

I was only stymied by one problem: Is there some way to open links in
emails, using just a keyboard?

At least on my U.S. keyboard, the "pop-up menu" key (opposite the
Windows logo key) brings up the context menu for the link where I can
choose to "Open Link in Browser".

Yes, perfect, that works for me too. So tab to select, pop-up key, arrow
down, enter, and that opens the link.

I've just also found when playing with key combinations, that tab to
select, and then ctrl-enter, will open the link too. 

I think Enter on a selected link should ideally open it in a browser,
but there's a world of difference between "can't work out how to do it
at all" and "not that keen on the key combinations to do it" ;-)

Thank you very much for the help.

-- All the best,

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