Re: [Evolution] attached mail files seems to be corrupt

On Tue, 2014-06-03 at 07:53 +0100, Juan Francisco González Navarro

I'm using evolution 3.12.2 under Debian succesfully but when I receive
mail or send mail with attached files like word documents or text
documents this client corrupt this files and I'm not able to open it
after download from evolution.

there had been done a fix for CRLF/LF re-encoding only yesterday,
at a bug [1]. Maybe it's related to your issue.

I'm a c++ developer and I usually send my execcutables throught mail
and evolution corrupt them. You have to know that before I send this
executables I rename it to name.exe.txt.

This is not a good idea by any means, because:
a) smart virus detectors do not depend on extensions, but check actual
   content; they are even that smart that they unzip files and check
   their inner content too;
b) interpreting binary files as text files can break everything;
   some parts can be attached unencoded, then anything on the route
   between the sender and the receiver can modify the content, being it
   for CRLF or folding/wrapping. This is avoided when they know the part
   is application/octet-stream and when it is encoded in base64;
c) if a mail application detects type based on the extension (it can be
   a fallback), then it can eventually run associated text editor on the
   attachment, which surely leads to issues.

I believe an ideal solution is to provide a link to some public server
with your uploaded executable, rather than attach it to an email, but I
also agree that it's not always possible.

In any case, it would be interesting to see whether changes for [1]
fixed your issue too.


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