Re: [Evolution] Very Annoying Behaviour of Keyboard Input

On Sun, 27 July, Angel wrote:
I suspect though that it's something to do with using Evo under KDE.
Perhaps there has been some update to KDE that has made things worse?
I also suspect it's related to either KDE, some KDE setting or some
application you're starting at the same time.
However, as the problem became so often, you can open evolution in Gnome
and check whether it still fails there.
FWIW: I have been using evolution in Ubuntu 12.04 under Gnome classic
for months, without hitting the reported problem.
Did you try pressing and releasing the modifier keys (Ctrl, Alt?) in
Zcase evo got ?confused? and instead of "A" thought you were pressing
"Ctrl+Alt+A" ?
I would suspect KDE as well. There is nothing similar happening in other programs?

My KDE (Mageia 4; Linux kernel 3.12;KDE 4.11) has been annoying me with input and copying issues. I am able 
to point and even highlight things in active Firefox, LibreOffice and Evo (3.10.2) windows (my most 
frequently used programs), only to have data entry, copying or pasting fail until I hit ESC or *sometimes* 
click on what is a presumably active window. In Evo, it is a pain since ESC in an open message closes it!

I have a new install of Manjaro e18 on a netbook (with Evo 3.12.4) where I have not noticed the problem, but 
I confess to not having worked with the install long enough to say for sure.


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