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On Fri, 2014-07-18 at 19:52 +1000, wraeth wrote: 
Using evolution-3.10.4, I was wondering if there is a way to apply a
highlight colour or some other contrasting highlight to new mail
At present, new messages are identified by a slightly changed icon in
the 'status' column and by making the font in the message list bold, and
that's it; and neither of these are particularly contrasting.
I've looked through the options and can't find anything even remotely
resembling general view preferences, 

I would assume that this highlight/emphasis is a result of some theme
rule or feature, most text display in Evolution depends on the theme.
So nosing around in there might result in more.

The only thing that pops out to me when grepping the code
[message-list.c] is:
  e_table_extras_add_icon_name (extras, "status", "mail-unread");

... eh, or I could be wrong, the bold thing might be built into the
code ...
    e_cell_date_set_format_component (E_CELL_DATE (cell_date), "mail");
        g_object_set (
                "bold_column", COL_UNREAD,
                "color_column", COL_COLOUR,
    case COL_COLOUR: {
      ... and this doesn't seem to care about read/unread state - at
last not based on my glance at the code.  I'm not an Evolution
developer, but having written UI code I understand the agony that is
making everyone happy with color coding, etc...  there are n^n
combinations that people want, many of which cannot be expressed in a
logic tree [they just want the app to be psychic].  The comments in this
function seem to express that:

   /* Priority: colour tag; label tag; important flag; due-by tag */
   /* This is astonisngly poorly written code */
   /* To add to the woes, what color to show when the user choose
multiple labels ?
      Don't say that I need to have the new labels[with subject] column
visible always */

and google seems intent on telling 
 me how to highlight specific words "in HTML".

The big-G is mostly a great way to waste time.

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