[Evolution] Evolution and junk plugin Bogofilter

Hello to the list,

my question about Evolution, IMAP/X/+ and bogofilter is about that it
defaults to placing junk mail in the so called Junk folder. I'm very
much interested in the way how this is technically handled.

I guess it's not physically the creation of a folder but a virtual one,
which can only be viewed with Evolution ? If so: Where do the mails in
the inbox get their "junk flag" an where is it stored ? Is there any
server sided functionality needed ?

Background is that my provider has changed his mail server from SUN to
MS Exchange - and I'm afraid, evolutions's or bogofilter's flags are no
more interpreted on the Exchange server in the same way as before on the
Sun server. Someone heard about that ?
What I see: Marking (click rumpled paper in the GUI) mails as junk moves
them to the junk folder - at first view - but after a while, they
reappear in the inbox, merely marked as read ?:-|

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