[Evolution] Restoring addressbook after doing a 3.8.4->3.11.3->3.8.4 'cross-grade'

For various reasons, I recently upgraded (on ubuntu 13.10, which I guess
explains some of the reasons) from the 'stock' 3.8.4 to 3.11.3 and then
back to 3.8.4. Everything worked out fine, except I now have lost access
to my address books:

This address book cannot be opened.  Please check that the path
exists and that permissions are set to access it.

Detailed error message: Unable to connect to 'Personal': Error
introspecting unknown summary field 'file_as_localized'

..which makes me a little sad. Is there a way to 'recover' from that ?
I don't mind performing somewhat random sqlite3 operations on
contacts.db, but I don't see anything that looks like file_as_localized.

Or is this a vestigial library issue from the upgrade ?


John A.

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