[Evolution] What is the Evolution upgrade path like if skipping releases?

Hi all,

Looking at an aunt's computer yesterday night, I realized she's still
using Evolution 3.2. The reason is simple: the Fedora 16 release I set
up on her computer two years ago still works perfectly fine, even though
it's not an enterprise/LTS edition. If it ain't broke, don't fix it etc.

I recall Evolution underwent quite a few changes to its file and folder
structures (maildir, XDG, etc.) since then.

Is it expected to work if I make the thing leap from 3.2 to, say, 3.10
(or eventually 3.12)? Does Evolution keep all its migration path code
around, or do I need to go 3.2 -> 3.4 -> 3.6 -> 3.8 -> etc.?

I'm presuming that Evo does take into account long upgrade cycles like
RHEL's, so I'm probably worrying for nothing. I'm actually considering
putting Centos 7 on that computer when available.

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