Re: [Evolution] Can't find my emails

On Tue, 2013-12-31 at 03:27 +0000, Howard Yoon wrote:
What operating system? What version of Evolution are you using?

Yes, sorry about that. Windows 7 and Evolution 2.26.2


I wish someone would either kill off all the old and useless Windows
ports of Evolution - or make a consistent effort to get a version that
works properly.

The bottom line is that Evolution has never worked that well on Windows
and the Windows ports are not officially supported.  There are versions
from about 6 years ago that sort of worked, but they are derived from a
code base that is now severely out of date, unsupported, and contains
many bugs. The most recent version of Evolution is common use is 3.10.3
- I believe that there are severe problems implementing Windows ports of
some of the dependencies, never mind the core Evolution components

As for your problem - that version of Evolution stored its mail in mbox
format files - so you need to look for some large files created around
the time you first installed Evolution - probably called something like
"Inbox".  Your IT people should then be able to help you get the
messages back on to your server - possibly the easiest way is to install
something like Thunderbird, import the messages in to that and then use
IMAP to your server to copy everything back where it should be.


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