[Evolution] evolution 3.10.4 wont display memos

i have in the past few days upgraded from ubuntu 12.04 to lubuntu 14.04. i did a backup of evolution email in 12.04 using the backup feature in the program before i did a full install from cd of 14.04 and deleted all partitons and started from scratch.

i have lubuntu 14.04 running fine now with one exception.

i can start evolution email and send/recieve email etc & all is well till i click the memo button.

when i click in there all my memos are gone.

however, if i look in


i can see the directorys with the attachments for the memos that have attachments for them. and i can see the journal.ics file.

if i open the journal.ics file with gedit i can see all my data safe & sound but evolution memo refuses to see anything. i have double checked to make sure i havenot done anything silly like put a tick in a box any where that shouldnt be there and i cant find anything.

i have tried to restore my data to another pc i have running 14.04 and it also does the same thing, i can see everything in evolution except my memo's.

if i open evolution and click file, import, import single file, and point it back to the journal.ics file in the memo directory the continue button stays grey and i cant continue. very frustrating as .ics is lasted as one of the supported file types.

im sure it will be a simple fix, but i cant for the life of me figure this out. anyone got any ideas??


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