[Evolution] missing messages

Probably because of https://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=704513
messages started disappearing from my message list.  They were still in
the IMAP folder, since I can still see them with other clients.

I switched my account type back to IMAP from IMAP+.  However, the
missing messages have not reappeared.  While evo was shutdown I tried
deleting folders.db in the account folder under .cache/evolution/mail
and restarting.  evo did a big download of messages (but mostly in a
subfolder), but the missing messages are still missing.

What can I do to get them back, in these sense that evo is aware of the

I'm running evo 3.4.4 on Debian stable.  Connections to the server have
been erratic, which appears to contribute to (maybe is essential for)
the bug's appearance.

Ross Boylan

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