Re: [Evolution] Composing RTL messages?

Just in case someone else finds this thread, I'll say I hacked GtkHTML (quite badly, as I'm no C programmer) to make all my messages RTL.

It's a bad and dirty solution but it works for me.

I really hope moving forward to WebKit in the composer would take RTL languages in account.


2013/9/29 Yo'av Moshe <bjesus gmail com>


I've recently joined an organization working with Exchange, and so I started using Evolution for all my Mail/Calendar needs. Everything works wonderfully and people who never believed Linux could live in this network are very surprised, but - I can't find the button that makes my e-mail RTL. Since most of the e-mails I'm compsing are in Hebrew - that's quite a problem...

I guess there's no such option right now, and I was wondering if the new WebKit composer will have something like that?

Also I couldn't find a way to manually edit the HTML code of my messages, so I can just change the direction myself. Does such option doesn't exist?

Thank you very much for your affords!


Yo'av Moshe

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