Re: [Evolution] Junk mail not moving automatically

On 2 October 2013 04:08, Michael Barraclough <michael michaelbarraclough com> wrote:
I have seen several threads on this.  There is either no answer or I have implemented the answers (making sure junk mail settings are correct and editing  /etc/default/spamassassin).

I have months of training Spamassassin and recieve around 2-300 spam emails a day, all of which I mark as spam.  Nothing moves automatically into the Junk folder.  Mail only gets into the Junk folder if I amrk it as spam.

It used to work when I was running Ubuntu 11.04.  I think it worked in 12.04.  Help please!

You don't say what version of Evolution this is. Giving the version of Ubuntu is meaningless to those of us who use other distros (probably the majority here). You also don't say what kind of account this is (IMAP, POP, ...) which can be relevant.

Is SpamAssassin marking junk mail automatically? It's not clear from your description. If it isn't, then it sounds like some other client may be reading your mail before Evo sees it. Evo only applies filters to \Unseen messages. If you read your mail on more than one machine, this can confuse it (\Unseen is a status flag maintained by IMAP servers). Some mail notifier widgets can also have this effect if they open the mailbox and read messages to tell you about them.


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