Re: [Evolution] Refresh of EWS Calendar

On Mon, 2013-09-30 at 04:32 -0700, Deepak Dasgupta wrote:
Inspite of multiple refresh of the calendar, it does not show

the Refresh context menu option above the calendar name in the left tree
of calendars is supposed to run an update, just like if the time comes
to do it. This refresh can take some time, it depends on the server
connection and amount of changes how long the update takes. One event
should be pretty quick.

It's also possible, from what you wrote, that the event is known, but
the UI was not notified properly, thus it doesn't show it. Does it help,
instead of closing evolution or killing the calendar factory, to uncheck
the calendar and check it again? It may refresh the UI only, with items
from the local cache.

Of course, it can be a bug in evolution-ews. If you have some exact
steps, then feel free to open a bug report in Gnome's bugzilla, thus it
would be properly investigated.
        Thanks and bye,

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