Re: [Evolution] evolution-backup + cron = cannot open display

On 24/11/13 07:55, Антон Владимирович Бадайкин wrote:
Hello everyone!
Trying to get Kron perform this command:

--backup /home/user/evolution_bakup.tar.gz


Cannot open display

Debian 7.
Any ideas?

Hi Антон, (would that be Anton in English?)

If this is a daily backup just leave the machine running at close of business and use cron to shut it down after your backup has run.

If you want to wake it up to run your backup set a good electronic timer (in Australia <$20) to boot the machine and cron to run your backups and shut it down again. Note you must set the BIOS to boot on power restore.

PS my first post to this list.

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