[Evolution] Lost input channel from ...

Hi there,

New to Evolution, first post to this list, tried a few searches of the
list archives with little in the way of useful results.

Some hopefully relevant details:

A local mail server accessed over a 1 gigabit/s LAN.

Evolution 3.4.4-2 as supplied with Debian Wheezy on client machines.

Clients access mail stores on the server using UW-IMAP 2007e.404.

Clients submit plain text mail to port 25 on the server.

Sendmail 8.14.4 runs on the server, plus a bunch of milters including
clamav-milter which scans outgoing as well as incoming mail.

Problem description:

Sending mail which contains large (ca. 3Mbytes and larger) attachments
sometimes results in the client closing the connection before the mail
has been processed by the server (which sometiimes gets very busy and
can take minutes to process the message).  In such cases Sendmail will
log for example:

Nov 18 16:06:46 mail4 sm-mta[23758]: rAIFwGMa023758: done; delay=00:08:30, ntries=1
Nov 18 16:06:46 mail4 sm-mta[23758]: rAIFwGMa023758: --- 250 2.0.0 rAIFwGMa023758 Message accepted for 
Nov 18 16:06:46 mail4 sm-mta[23758]: rAIFwGMb023758: --- 421 4.4.1 mail4.rowlescourt.co.uk Lost input channel 
from []

and the user does not know that the mail has been sent because no copy
of the sent mail is saved in the appropriate place.  He sends it again. :(

My hope is that there is some way either to tell Evolution to be more
patient, or perhaps better to tell it to request confirmation that the
connection to the server should be closed before it actually closes it.
That is the sort of thing that my favourite client, Alpine, will do,
but Alpine is unfortunately not suitable for the majority of my users.


PS: This is a very busy time for me, and I'll be away from the keyboard
most of the week.  Please don't be offended if I don't respond quickly
to any replies.



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