Re: [Evolution] Evolution calender preview is black in color

On Wed, 2013-10-30 at 15:03 +0530, samarjit Adhikari wrote:
I am successfully able to build and use 3.10.2 .
I was using with evolution-mapi plugins+EDS+Evolution. No other packages
were installed. I could see all calender invitations in mail preview pane
as black.
i want it in white background. is there any gnome setting i could change to
make it available? I have following gnome-session version.
$gnome-session --version
gnome-session 3.9.90

the colors are derived from a theme you use. Some themes may define
colors in an inconsistent way, unfortunately (it's harder and harder to
depend on themes in gtk3, release by release).

Anyway, what is the theme you use? What if you change the theme to a
different? I do not know how it's done in current gtk3, but you might be
able to override the CSS style for the component to get colors you
prefer, though the current theme color read is done through a toolbar
class and a GtkEntry class, where the toolbar class probably defines the
black color for you.
        Hope it helps,

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