Re: [Evolution] Time drifting using Android - Exchange 2010 - Evolution

On Wed, 2013-05-29 at 12:35 +0200, Vidar Evenrud Seeberg wrote:
Thank you. Comforting to see that it is not just me.... Our Exchange
server is 2010 and the timezone for the server is UTC+1 + summertime,
which altogether should be summarized to my computers and my phone's +2
timezone. I will ask the IT management department if there is a possible
upgrade up front.

it might be better to start with evolution itself, not with your admins.
I suggest to debug what the server returns to you. One UI way is to open
the event editor and turn on View->Time zone, then you'll see what time
zone is the event at.

More core debugging looks like:
a) close evolution and all its related processes, namely
   e-calendar-factory process
b) open a terminal and run there the factory with debugging on:
   $ EWS_DEBUG=2 /usr/libexec/e-calendar-factory -w
   notes: 1) path on your system can be different; 2) if -2 doesn't work
   in 3.4, then run it without it).
c) enter a new appointment on your phone
d) run evolution on another terminal
   you should see printed new lines on the factory console. I guess
   if you entered some recognizable summary of the event, then you'll
   see where it starts. The raw data is important for debugging.
e) when the event shows in evolution, right-click it and choose
   "Save...", pick some nice name for it. Open it in a text editor and
   delete from there anything you'll feel like being personal and/or
   sensitive data (or just replace it with XXXX).

Attach the saved event here, and if you can then also the part from the
factory log where the event was received (I'm not sure if it'll be
visible at all, if not, then never mind on this).


P.S.: it seems to me that you use message digests on this list, it'll be
better to turn that off (follow URL at the very bottom of this and every
email on this list), then you can reply to individual messages without
breaking threading (and making the message hard to follow, because I was
about to discard your whole message after reaching the first
"reply-part" in it). Thanks.

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