Re: [Evolution] I fixed a problem

The problem:  After updating from Evolution 3.6 which was distributed
with openSUSE 12.3, to Evolution 3.8.1,, the plugin evolution-tray would
not work.

Today, I updated to Evolution 3.8.2, and saw an update to
evolution-tray, so I added that to the update.  It still didn't work.

I looked around for the location of the plugins, and found it
in /usr/lib64/evolution/3.6/plugins.  All by itself.  There is a
directory /usr/lib64/evolution/3.8/plugins.  So I copied and org-gnome-evolution-tray.eplug from
to 3.6/plugins directory to the 3.8/plugins directory, shutdown and
restarted Evolution and evolution-tray is now working.

I know Evolution is a Gnome application, and I don't think
evolution-tray has a use in Gnome, and I don't know if it's unique to
openSUSE, and I don't know if this list is the correct place for this
message, but I find a lot of useful information here.  It's one of the
first places I look, so I thought I'd post this here.

It is a Gnome thing:

although I'm not sure how much love it's getting these days.

If the OpenSUSE package is putting the files in the wrong place for the
version of Evolution, then that's a packaging issue and should be filed
as a bug with OpenSUSE so that they fix it.


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