Re: [Evolution] infinitive wait for network events

I appreciate your response. However the purpose of this list is to
make evolution mail client behave property, utilizing any form of bug
reports available.

Err, no.  The purpose of *this* list is to help people with Evolution -
the people who do help (like POC and many others) do so in their spare
time and, to be honest, anything that puts a barrier in the way doesn't
really encourage us to do anything.

I suppose the image delivery method should not stop any knowledgeable
programmer from opening it. Granted, it would take more then one click
to see the image

I'm a sysadmin and programmer, and know how to decode encoded things,
but its not something I need to do very often. Hence in order to deal
with your "image" I need to install the tools necessary, cut and paste
the data into a file, run that file through the decoder, open an image
viewer, find and click on the image, then I might know what you are
talking about.  Yes, it would take more than one click.

 but inline encoding guarantees that the image is present in archives

So would having it as an attached image.

 forever and isn't at mercy of third party image hosting service.

Sometimes we get people who don't know how (or don't think it's
important) to reduce the size of an image and the mailing list software
rejects the message as too big - then putting on a third party site is
the only alternative (and PasteBin isn't an image hosting service).


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