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Thanks for your reply. I apparently did not make myself clear when I
stated I did not want to be on a mailing list. I am a software
developer, and have numerous projects I work on. I am not in a position
to be able to contribute any significant amount of time to the
development of Evolution, but occasionally have questions or
observations that I would like to pass on to the people who are making
such contributions. I also make a distinction between web hosted forums,
where one can look for answers and post questions and observations, and
mailing lists. It seemed to me that the only way to forward any
communication to anyone involved with the development of evolution was
to sign up for the mailing list. In my past experience with other open
source projects, this has resulted in receiving a continuous barrage of
emails dealing with specific coding issues, which are certainly
important to the developer group working on the project, but of no
interest to those people who simply use the product. For the most part,
the questions asked by most users are not of interest to me either. I am
interested in having a place (a virtual place) to go where I can look
for answers to questions about how to use the Evolution product. I have
been using Evolution for several years, and have searched multiple times
for some source that provides answers to the questions I have, but have
not been able to find such a source.

In short, I am happy to become a "member" of a forum, where I can post
questions and comments, and more importantly, search for answers to
questions that I have that may have already been answered for somebody
else. Unfortunately, I am not in position in which I can contribute
significantly to the development of Evolution, and therefore I don't
want to be part of a mailing list that "pushes" information to me.

Finally, I am surprised and gratified by the response I have received to
my somewhat grumpy email (Ralf Mardorf also responded), and I recognize
and appreciate all the efforts of the people involved in supporting open
source software.

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On Sat, 2013-06-22 at 11:51 -0400, Bill West wrote:
Thanks for the reply. Since someone is listening,

There are lots of people listening - but pre-pending your email with,
effectively, "I don't want to talk with you, but I want you to listen"
is not conducive to having your "tidbits" of issues solved.

Since you do seem to be listening to answers, I'll comment on your
original email ...


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