Re: [Evolution] I/O operation timing out

Almost certainly from your network stack; and my $$$ would be on your
ISP/customer router.

So it's this way?
-the router (Linksys WRT350N) is creating the time out (or something
else in the "subsystem")
-it aborts the mission and somehow signals Evolution, which then pops up
the timed out message

Sort of.  Your computer will send out ethernet packets to the internet
via the router.  The packets that it sends out originate in Evolution
via system calls.  Evolution doesn't create the packets, somewhere
further down the ethernet software stack does that, evolution just tells
the operating system what to put in the packets.

Once a packet is sent out, the system sits and waits for a response (as
instructed by Evolution), if there is no response received in a specific
time, then the operation times out.  The reasons that no packet has been
received back are numerous - the remote end may be down, there may be a
network problem, or some hardware may be malfunctioning.  There is no
way to say for sure without extensive logging and tracing at both ends.

Once the network operation has timed out, the OS tells the originating
program, i.e. Evolution, what has happened, and it is up to the program
what it does then; Evolution happens to pop up a message about it,
others may silently try again a number of times.  The timeout on the
network operation is, I think, set by the OS, not the application.

The bottom line is that the timeout is NOT Evolution failing, it is
merely reporting a failure elsewhere in the system.


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