[Evolution] Just exactly how do folders at a remote server appear in evolution?

I am running evolution 3.4.4 under Fedora 17 Linux.   I get my mail from
a remote server which runs Scientific Linux, a clone of RedHat
Enterprise Linux.  

It seems that folders in my home directory on the server in the
directory Mail appear in evolution on my home machine.   But I think I
have to click on the title of the server, choose manage subscriptions,
and subscribe to what I want to appear.  

I encountered the following problem.  I have a directory in Mail with
many subdirectories and files in it.  I had to subscribe to them
individually.   Is there any way to subscribe to everything in such a
directory in one step?   Is it possible to subscribe to something not in
the Mail directory?

Leonard Evens len math northwestern edu
Professor Emeritus, Department of Mathematics, Northwestern University

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