Re: [Evolution] Filtering on Google account

On Wed, 2013-04-17 at 16:38 +0100, Pete Biggs wrote:
"Unread" is not the same as "unseen".  The read/unread status is an IMAP
flag and can be set at will (i.e. you can set a mail as being unread
from within Evolution).  The seen/unseen status is part of the server
and is not changeable by the client - a mail is classed as "seen" in
IMAP if any client has retrieved the mail - and once seen in can not be

if I can step in, currently everything new on the machine, either Seen
or not on the server, is considered as a new message. The only
constraint seems to be that the message should not be copied by
evolution (with IMAP+ provider). There were done similar changes for the
old IMAP provider as well, quite some time ago.

Loïc, could you check whether you've setup message filtering on the
account? It is in account Properties, on Receiving Options tab, those
two at the bottom, "Apply filters...". You can also set filtering for
respective folders, in folder properties, but I'm not sure since when
it's possible with IMAP+, the old IMAP had it for several releases.

Also, are your filters on Subject, and similar headers, or rather on
message source location? I'm only curious, because if the filters work
when you apply them manually, then there might not be much room for an
issue with filter conditions. 
        Hope it helps,

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