Re: [Evolution] Time drift in Evolution when entering appointment in Android

Sorry for eventually breaking any conventions... I am new to using such 
support options... :)

- Evolution on Linux Mint Debian edition, MATE desktop

First, always give the version of Evolution you are using - things
progress at a surprising pace, so answers are sometimes dependent on the
version you are using.  And not everyone uses the same distro, so we
don't know what version you are using from that.

- Corporate Exchange 2010 server
- Samsung Galaxy S3 with Android 4.1.2 using stock SPlanner and Touchdown

My problem: I am experiencing a strange problem when entering an 
appointment in my Galaxy S3 using either Touchdown or the stock 
SPlanner. When the appointment is synced to Exchange 2010 it all 
displays correctly in MS Outlook and Outlook Web Access. However, when 
opening Evolution on my computer the appontment has drifted two hours 
forward. E.g when entering an appointment at 10 am on the S3 it shows up 
at 8 am in Evolution.

If you enter an appointment in Outlook/OWA, is it wrong as well?  Or is
it only when you use your mobile?  (If it's OK, then it's your mobile at
fault, not Evo.)

 The other way around, everything syncs OK: entring 
an appointment in Evolution syncs perfectly back to S3/Touchdown.

I live in Norway, which currently is at time zone Norway/Oslo (+2). Both 
my phone and my PC are set up with this time zone.

Any ideas where to start looking?

Have a look in Edit -> Preferences -> Calendar and Tasks to make sure
the timezone is set to what you think it should be - easiest is to set
it to use the system time zone.  Also check to make sure your system
time is set to Zulu - do 'TZ=Zulu date' and the date/time that is
printed out should be 2 hours behind.  If it's not, then I think things
are getting confused about the various time settings.  The easiest thing
with Linux is to enable NTP and let the system find its own time.


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