[Evolution] Issue about reading Feed from bitbucket

Hi guys!

I'm currently using Thunderbird as my Mail app.

But, I really liked the Calendar and the Integration with Unity(showing my events in calendar of Unity)

But, I added some feeds from BitBucket, because I use this in my job, but there are erros when reading these rss feeds form bit bucket..

The error is:
Error while parsing feed: libraries feed
ID rss-1 already defined

This is a know issue?

Please CC me because I'm not subscribed at this list

Thanks since now guys!


Marcos Paulo de Souza
Acadêmico de Ciencia da Computação - FURB - SC
Github: https://github.com/marcosps/
"Uma vida sem desafios é uma vida sem razão"
"A life without challenges, is a non reason life"

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