Re: [Evolution] error sending message - data-command failed ???

??? What the hell is this -->

Fehler bei »Nachricht wird verschickt«.

DATA-Befehl gescheitert: a message size of 40962 kilobytes exceeds the
size limit of 40960 kilobytes computed for this transaction

just returned from evolution2.32.2-0ubuntu :-(
Please: Don't comment how old it is. If someone knows about the error
you're welcome ...

40Mb mail message!  The message is too big for your mail server. (Just,
by 2kb - I'm surprised your mail server allows anything close to that
size - mine certainly don't.)

The error you see is nothing to do with Evolution, it's just reporting
what the mail server says.

..ahh, got it - so I was wondering about the wrong origin. Sorry Evo :-)
I wasn't aware that limit at my provider. I have to inform him for more
quota :-)
Though it's poor living in the occident, but we have inboxes of 1 GByte
here. Maybe not every provider offers this in the land of
opportunity ...

No, it's not quota on a mailbox or anything, you are trying to send a
single message through the mail system that is over 40Mb - it has
nothing to do with your INBOX size.  Most MTAs have some form of limit
on the size of mail it will accept - you really, really don't want to be
handling unlimited email size, can you imagine what would happen if
someone attached a 4Gb DVD image to an email, think of all the resources
on all the machines that it will use up, and the time spent in moving a
message that size around.


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