[Evolution] downgrade, fetch mail, upgrade --> mail gets deleted

Hello everybody,

I just ran into the following issue:

I downgraded from evolution 3.4.4-2 to 2.30.3-5. As a result, all of my
mails, my filter rules and the content of my signatures were gone.

I wasn't worried at this point because I was sure that moving back to
3.4.4-2 would bring my mail back. Before I did that, I went to fetching
new mail and reading it.

When I finally upgraded to v3, my old mail actually reappeared - but now
the mail that I had fetched using v2 was gone. And this time, "gone"
means deleted, not invisible.

Fortunately, I had somehow sensed that something like this might happen
so I had made a backup to restore and import the lost messages from.

For me, everything went well, but WHY does evolution delete my messages?

You can't expect the user to foresee that this is going to happen; Most
users don't have the divine gift of prophecy and those who do don't use
Evolution because they think it doesn't work.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / With kind regards

ChO₂                          Email: chemistrydioxide AT lodaya DOT im

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