Re: [Evolution] Image loading threads don't cancel

I ask because I (like quite a few
others, I would imagine) are using the version that comes with our
distribution (Ubuntu 12.04 in my case)
I'm going to see what it will take to upgrade to 3.6 on my computer
right now.

Apparently "what it would take" to get Evo 3.6 in Ubuntu is upgrading to
the very recent "Quantal" (that's 12.10 if you prefer meaningful
numbers) release :

Whether & when you should do so is up to you. I usually wait for 2
months after release, because I'm an optimist (otherwise I'd never
upgrade) and a realist (new Ubuntu versions _always_ have bugs - e.g.
the upgrade to 12.04, for my non-Unity gnome-classic desktop, broke
alt-tab, broke printing, broke my monitor orientation, broke workplace
switching, and hid the volume applet - all of which were fixable, but
the time & effort required to do so was a PITA). But I've never had an
Evolution-related problem from upgrading.

So whilst faster loading of remote images from Evo 3.6 would be very
welcome, you need to weigh up whether the know gain of that exceeds the
unknown pain of fixing the non-Evo related breakage you may encounter.

-- All the best,

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