Re: [Evolution] blank folders

On Thu, 2012-10-18 at 09:42 -0700, John Stile wrote:
Evolution 2.32.3

I have blank folder names in evolution, that don't behave like folders.
How do I clean up my Evolution?

I got into this mess moving folders around. ...

This has happened for two accounts: Courier IMAP and Exchange IMAP, and
the IMAP server looks right, so I don't think it is an server side

I guess your local cache of IMAP folder structure got confused. There
had been done several fixes in this area between your and current stable
version (which is 3.6.1). You can try to get rid of the local cache
completely, and see whether reload of folder structure will help. It has
one disadvantage, all the already downloaded messages will be gone and
downloaded again. Anyway, you can see your IMAP local caches in
each subfolder for each IMAP account you have configured. Close
evolution and move the folders away, then run it, and see how evolution
will fetch folder structure from scratch. It could happen, with your
version, that there was still a blank folder, but the next start it
should be all fine. It used to be for me, at least.
        Hope it helps,

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