[Evolution] blank folders

Evolution 2.32.3

I have blank folder names in evolution, that don't behave like folders.

If I right lick on one of the blank folder space, none of the options do
  New Folder
  Copy Folder To
  Move Folder To

When I click on a real folder adjacent to a blank, the blank folder
shifts upward.

How do I clean up my Evolution?

I got into this mess moving folders around.  Somehow folders where
dragged into other folders using evolution at some point.  In evolution,
the old folder was where it should be but it was empty, but the IMAP
server showed the folder was moved.  In evolution I moved the folder
back where it should be and when it was complete, I restarted evolution.
Accessing the imap servers via a web client, I see the folders are now
where they should be.  But in evolution I see a blank space between

This has happened for two accounts: Courier IMAP and Exchange IMAP, and
the IMAP server looks right, so I don't think it is an server side

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