Re: [Evolution] bug re Message menu item

On Mon, 2012-10-15 at 08:43 -0400, Carpetnailz wrote:
So why is it happening? I've re-installed evo twice, once with
add/remove software and once with yum. Makes no difference.
Why do you think adding and removing the packages(s) will do anything?
And whatever front end you use adding and removing is the exact same
thing.  This won't change anything.  If you are concerned the files from
a package are damaged you can use --verify to check them;  if it reports
nothing the files are identical to when they were installed.  And adding
and removing a package doesn't remove your configuration or setup -
which is far more likely to be the source of a problem than the
awilliam linux-nysu:~> rpm --verify evolution
awilliam linux-nysu:~> rpm --verify evolution-data-server
awilliam linux-nysu:~> rpm -q evolution
None of these return any problems.

Then there is no problem with the installed packages.

But issues with mouse clicks, etc... are probably from below evolution
[like in X, your video driver, or Gtk].
How would that affect just one menu button in the app and nothing else?

It hasn't affected anything else *you have noticed*.

It is interesting that "compose new message" is the first/top item in
the menu [vertically] and that is the action invoked rather than opening
the menu.

It could be a bug in the translation strings, or the UI builder code,
etc... Modern systems are extremely complex and have a lot of
interrelated parts - very specific corner cases can appear.

When thinking about a bug it is better to just avoid even thinking in
terms of "any", "all", "none", "every" and to avoid assuming a cause as
they will only obscure the attempt to find the actual cause.  For
instance "every message I've tested" vs. "every message".  This is a
very useful rule that really does help avoid trapping yourself mentally
[which is something I watch people debugging problems do to themselves
*all the time*].

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