Re: [Evolution] Migrating data from Evolution 2.28 to 3.6

On Sun, 2012-11-18 at 17:25 -0500, Peter Meyer wrote:
I am attempting to migrate my evolution mail data from 2.28 (Ubuntu 
10.04) to 3.6 (Ubuntu 12.10).

Is there a way to migrate the data?  Can someone please point me to 
where the files are located in each release and any suggestions on 
migration strategies.  I've tried using the backup/restore and this does 
not work.

I'm afraid the main issue is the evolution-source-registry process, its
Reload method. See [1]. I didn't try this myself, but consider this:
when the backup will start restoring your data, which I suppose takes
several seconds, kill the evolution-source-registry process. Then when
it's over, run the registry on console. In that time you should see your
accounts being recreated/migrated from GConf. Make sure you will have no
~/.cache/evolution, ~/.config/evolution, ~/.local/share/evolution in
your setup, thus the files will be recreated the same way as they are in
the backup. (I suppose you have no new data stored there yet.)

The best if you can avoid running evolution processes during the
restore, which is an external application anyway, named
evolution-backup, which resides in /usr/libexec/evolution/3.6/. You may
kill all other evolution processes before running it ('ps ax | grep
evolution' should return only one line, the grep command). Then just
invoke restore from a terminal:
   $ evolution-backup --gui --restore backup.tar.gz

        Hope it helps,


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