Re: [Evolution] Evolution on Kubuntu

Yes, it is.  Exists an Oxygen theme called GTK and works in the way to give the same look to KDE and Gnome.  Also, you have to install QT-GTK  (or something like that)  to configure the look of GTK apps inside KDE.
I have all this installed and works very well.

Hope this helps in some way

El vie, 20-04-2012 a las 17:08 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams escribió:

I don't know if it has been addresses here, but I've seen it as a topic
frequently on other forums.  Most likely your distribution does not
install the GNOME theme plumbing when you install KDE and then
Evolution.  There is some theme (oxygen?) crap that relates the GNOME
theme to the KDE theme or some such.

Sorry I can't be more specific; but this is a distribution bug.
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