Re: [Evolution] Corrupt mail folders

Below is FYI mostly... 
Problem:  When I send/receive, Evolution wants to fetch every e-mail
on the server (10,000+). 

If it's POP, then that's because the server has changed the UID of the
messages and Evolution doesn't think it has seen the messages yet.

Solution:  Once again (yes this happened before) I will have to delete
the database file and rebuild it, losing read/unread status, and
fetching every single message anew.  Arghhh.  Issue is discussed and
the "fix" explained here: and especially here: 

Those threads are from 2005-7, I think things have moved on since then.

Until I can solve this (tomorrow?), please post to one of those
threads above,

No thanks.

 as I will not receiving e-mail until it's resolved.  Of course you
are welcome to discuss it on-list for yourselves,

That's very kind of you.

and I will be able to read it after I use the brute-force solution as

Advice, comments, suggestions are welcome.

Read the FAQ and the on-line documentation - most of the issues in those
Ubuntu threads have been addressed there:

And yes, I know that's the old version of the FAQ, but the OP is talking
about an OLD version of Evo.  Even then the FAQ is largely for 2.30+,
for 2.28 you may have to seek out an even older one.


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