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On Friday 16 of March 2012 16:09:56 Matthias Apitz wrote:

 From time to time I see in my Evo 2.32.3 a mail coming from an OutLook
user and having a single letter


as, for example, part of the text or the signature; I was curious enough
to ask the sender what he typed and what is in the source text of the
mail; he typed ':-)' (without the '') and the source of the mail in HTML

<span style='font-family:Wingdings;color:#1F497D'>J</span>

i.e. the smiley is changed on the fly to a 'J' and a font Windings

Do such fonts exist for Linux or FreeBSD and would Evo make use of them?


Hello Matthias,

Evo does not currently support the "style" HTML attribute (it does not support
CSS at all), so it does not apply the font family nor color on the text. I
tried this in the WebKit version I'm currently working on and it worked as
expected - the styles applied, so in 3.6, you might even see the smileys :)

You need to have Wingdings installed, though. There is no free equivalent on
Linux (probably because it is (c)'d, (TM)'d and patented by Microsoft), I had
to copy the .ttf font from my Windows installation, otherwise I saw "J" as



PS: you can also ask the sender to use Unicode equivalent (U+263A, â)

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