Re: [Evolution] "Unable to open address book" on half of local address books.

  $ gconftool-2 --get /apps/evolution/addressbook/sources | grep file:
which should usually return no lines, but for you, I believe, it'll
return 6 hits

It did indeed!

as for you it should be just about getting rid of "file://" and
replace it with "local:", and bonus points if you get rid of "uri",
inside sources of On This Computer group
(other groups can have the 'uri' attribute mandatory). To edit the key
use gconf-editor, because it allows you to edit the key by group, not
as a whole list of groups. Of course, make a copy of the original
value first, thus you'll have a chance to return to something, if
anything goes wrong.

Perfect! Yes, it works great now! Woohoo!

So summarise the solution steps in case anyone experiences the same
later on: run gconf-editor , navigate to apps/evolution/addressbook ,
double-click on sources , expand the window that appears, click on the
one with name="On This Computer", click edit, copy the "edit list value"
text, paste it into 2 text editor windows (one to edit, one to keep as a
backup), in the edit version go and delete the uri="file://xxxxxxxxx"
parts, paste it back into the "edit list value" box, click OK, click OK
again, close the gconf-editor, File -> Quit out of evolution, wait for
the window to close, then in a terminal do an "evolution
--force-shutdown", wait 20 seconds, do a "ps auxwf | grep
e-addressbook-factory" to confirm the process is no longer running, then
restart evolution, and check all the local address books open, and they
should all work.

Hope that helps

It most definitely helps! Thank you very much indeed. :-)

-- All the best,

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