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The fixed width font is used to display plain text emails - i.e.
with either no content type or a content type of text/plain.  HTML
emails (i.e. those with a content type of text/html) will be
using the proportional font (unless the HTML says otherwise).

If you have multipart/alternative encoding, then by default the most
content rich version possible will be displayed.
There is a plugin called "Prefer Plain Text" - if this is enabled,
with a multipart/alternative email the text/plain version, if it
will be chosen in preference to the text/html version.
As far as I know though, there is no way of choosing the version
displayed on a per-message basis, nor is there a way of forcing the
displayed text to be fixed-pitch.

Preferences -> Mail Preferences -> HTML Messages
You can select "Show suppressed HTML parts as attachments" under "Plain
Text Mode".  Provided you have "HTML MOde" --> "Show plain text if

With the above posting as a backdrop, can someone tell me where to
find a discussion
of the whole email file format, content display, "envelop" and related
family of issues?

No, there is no such thing.  At best there is a long string of related

I routinely have troubles with email sent through various clients or
servers -- typically MAC or
Win-dose but there are others -- where I cannot see attachments or a
"conversation" of
messages [aka, {message} {reply}...{reply}...
{quoted}...{forward} lib] is only
partially readable if at all.

Can you more precisely describe your problem?  I haven't encountered an
unreadable message in a long time - at least not unreadable via

Sometimes threading gets broken by idjits who still don't know how to
use e-mail; but there is nothing the client can do about that. 

I know that "rich text" and "web page" formatting adds lumps and
wrinkles to how things
work, but I'm hoping that someone has read all of the gnarly bits
(sic) and written
a summary for mortals to learn from.

System & Network Administrator [ LPI & NCLA ]
OpenGroupware Developer <>
Adam Tauno Williams

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