Re: [Evolution] [ANNOUNCE] Evolution-EWS (Exchange Web Services) Alpha release

Hi Luis,

On Wed, 2012-03-07 at 13:34 -0500, Luis C wrote:
Is there an ubuntu .deb file for the latest release?

You can get evolution-ews packaged for ubuntu from my PPA repository
(ppa:phurley/ppa) or go here
to learn how to add this PPA and check the signing key.

This PPA is for oneiric only (or rather for evolution v3.2.2 distributed
in oneiric). This PPA *might* work for precise as the current EDS in
precise is v3.2.3.

Please note that this version of evolution-ews is still unstable (only a
few bug fixes have been backported) and I probably won't do another
re-package until evolution 3.4 is released.

Peter Hurley

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