[Evolution] filters run out of order, and sometimes fail to execute

I've only got about 4 or 5 simple filtering rules, and Evolution can't
handle it.  In short, the rules look like this:

1) pipe all messages to procmail script unconditionally, and colorize them
2) delete if condition 1 met
3) delete if condition 2 met
4) delete if condition 3 met
5) move all messages to a "filtered" folder unconditionally

It's a very simple set of rules, and it's chaos.  Some messages are
colorized and some are not, with no apparent pattern (even though all
should be colorized to designate that the pipe rule executed).

From studying the evolution filter logs, I can see that the rules are
being applied out of order.

The logs will say "action: deleted" when expected, but the message is
often not deleted (only sometimes).

I can't believe how screwed up it is.  I actually left Outlook because
Outlook filtering is broken (that is, the exact same message can pass
through the same set of rules and get different treatment each time).
Only to find the same problem in Evolution.

It seems Evolution may be trying to process multiple messages
concurrently, and it's apparently having a problem with that.  Most
disturbing is the fact that the log actually reports an action was
taken when it wasn't.  

How can this problem be troubleshooted when the logs are lying?

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