Re: [Evolution] how delete local copies (IMAP)

the cache folder is very small. The problem is the folders
in .evolution/mail/imap
for each account.
Do you mean to delete those folders? 
I'd like to keep my account settings and only purge the local email
copies, and have it download headers again.


On Mon, 2012-07-02 at 15:22 -0400, Adam Tauno Williams wrote:
On Mon, 2012-07-02 at 13:45 -0400, Martin Reuter wrote:
I use IMAP with evolution and need to free local disk space
( .evolution is getting too large).
So I'd like to keep the server copies, just delete local copies of
older emails. It's OK to keep the header locally, but not the full
body or even attachments. How can that be done?

Yes, I believe that is what happens by default unless you've checked to
cache messages locally.  Of course messages may get cached if you
actually view them.

I use version 2.12.3 and don't think I can update easily (network setup at work).

Yikes, that is antique.

But I recall doing this previously.  Just make sure evolution is
actually stopped [no evolution processes running] and delete the
contents of the cache folder.  That is how I did it in the past, and
Evolution just reconstituted the folder with what it needed when I
started it next time.

Note that this is a you-break-it-you-buy-it kind of thing to do; if it
doesn't work it is *NOT* *NOT* *NOT* a flaw in Evolution.  Playing
around underneath your applications is *BAD*.

The correct way would just be to delete the IMAP account, restart
Evolution, and re-add the IMAP account.

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