[Evolution] Help! E-mails disappearing

I use Linux Mint 13 Mate version. I have been using Evolution for about a year and really liked it until now.

Last week, all my e-mails disappeared inexplicably, leaving a blank page. The calendar and contacts section are still intact. When I download new e-mails from my ISP, these also disappear. My settings delete the e-mails from the ISP mailbox when they are downloaded.

I am not highly skilled at Linux troubleshooting. I have tried to find where the messages might be hiding. I suspect they are retrievable somewhere. The documentation indicating where mail files are stored is not correct in my case. I have done searches for "mail" and "evolution" but they yield so many results; I open each file and find that it's part of the Evolution system files.

I followed one procedure in Terminal, to get information on a crash and no crash info appeared.

Hoping someone can give me guidance as to how to retrieve my messages and prevent the same from happening again. If I can't be assured that my e-mails won't disappear, I will have to abandon Evolution.

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