[Evolution] change Control-N keybinding/accelerator?

Hi all,

Trying to switch from thunderbird to evolution (2.32.2/Gnome 2 under
Ubuntu natty) and everything is peachy except for a particular aspect of
the keybindings/accelerators.  In particular, I cannot work out how to
change the binding for Control-N.  As far as I can tell, for every other
binding, I can change it via hovering over the menu item and typing the
new binding, or by editing ~/.gnome2/accels/evolution directly.  Doing
this for Control-N has no effect (although the relevant changes are
preserved in the aforementioned file).  Is it hardcoded somewhere?  Can
it be changed?

Thanks for any help,

(in case it's relevant, my main motivation is to have
Control-N/Control-P go to the next/previous mail header,
(mail-next/mail-previous), as in standard Emacs keybindings).

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