Re: [Evolution] what are these folder types emae-check-authtype-0x9c6214c 1303399876 22865 4 raker

On Fri, 2011-09-16 at 08:49 -0400, Reid Thompson wrote: 
any valid reason the 'check for supported types' should download the
entire mailbox?

$ find emae-check-authtype-0x9c6214c |wc -l

Valid reason?  None that I can see.  Seems like a bug to me that it's
still there.  Should be safe to delete.

Is there a mapping of uid to account somewhere that I can grep?

Yes, the XML blobs in GConf key /apps/evolution/mail/accounts will have
something like:

  <account name="Reid's Account" uid="1303399876 22865 4 raker" ...>

UIDs are permanent, so naming directories after them makes the cache
location permanent now.

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